Sing out Loud – Intermediate Singing Classes for children 10-12 yrs

Our Sing out loud – Intermediate classes are a fantastic way to hone your child’s talent and truly learn how to sing out loud, with great technique!
All students come in for an initial trial class, so that we can make sure it is the right fit for them. It’s important to find the class which will best tailor their needs!
At Brightsparks Performing Arts School, we aim to increase their confidence, skills and enjoyment to help them to become well-rounded and engaging performers.

About Our Singing Classes

Each class is carefully designed so that students are working together with other students of a similar age and level.

At the Intermediate level students are furthering their vocal technique. They work on strengthening their projection to bring more power to their voices whilst blending the tone to bring colour and interest to their sound. There is further development of harmony work in groups as well as solo singing. They sing songs from a variety of  contemporary genres from pop to country, using the lyrics to guide their expression and engaging their audience through emotional connection to the music.

Private Coaching can be used as single sessions for auditions or examinations purposes or as ongoing sessions for those students requiring dedicated tuition.

Those students who are ready are given the opportunity to partake in various Eisteddfods and Competitions.

Classes are invoiced on a Term by Term basis.

Age Guide

Sing Out Loud Intermediate – 10-12yrs

Singing Skills

  • Diaphragmatic Breath Work

  • Vocal Technique

  • Annunciation and Vowel Development

  • Power and Projection of the Voice

  • Singing in Harmonies

  • Group and Solo Singing

  • Connecting Emotionally to the Song

  • Creating the Performance

  • Stagecraft

Singing for Teenagers
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