Screen Acting- Advanced Class for Teens 13-16yrs

This course gives students an exciting opportunity to learn the skills of acting for screen getting them ready to be working on a professional film set.

Each class begins with a vocal and physical warm-up before moving onto the main activity of the day.

In this Advanced course we guide our students to connect with the many characters presented to them. We work with film scripts to further develop a broad range of emotions and further deepen their connection to character and language. This course looks for the flexibility within your own emotional toolkit to access to beats and moments that are appropriate for screen acting. It is also important for actors to understand how to break down a script effectively, to deepen their understanding of the characters and worlds they inhabit.

Our second focus is the basics of film craft; the audition process, how to learn lines, what to expect from a film set, safe acting practice, terminology, how to find your mark, taking direction and how to be adaptable.

So get ready for the lights, camera and action and join us on the big screen!

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Screen Acting Classes Skills

  • Dynamic, Naturalist acting techniques
  • Connecting with emotion
  • Learning lines quickly and effectively
  • Scene work
  • Audition prep
  • Film set etiquette
  • Adapting to directions
  • Breaking down a script and analysing character

Saturday 2 – 3pm

Cost: $40+gst p/lesson

Semester commitment
(Terms 1-2 or 2-3)

Jo Bradley

For Private Coaching in Drama, students must present a short monologue or poem off by heart in an audition setting.

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