Performance Stream Classes 

Our exclusive Performance Stream classes, are tailored for students who are passionate and dedicated to their craft. These classes are an invitation or audition-only opportunity, ensuring a community of individuals committed to excellence.

A Semester commitment is your ticket to a transformative journey, guided by our experienced teachers who specialise in honing raw talent into polished performances. Our goal is to nurture artists who not only shine but radiate brilliance on stage.

As a Performance Stream student, you’ll be immersed in a world of opportunities, from prestigious Eisteddfods to thrilling public performances and gigs on Sydney stages. We believe in embracing the fabulous, and anything extraordinary that comes our way becomes a stage for your talent.

Join us on this unparalleled artistic adventure, where your dedication, discipline, and talent converge to unlock your full potential. The spotlight is waiting; are you ready to shine?

Jo Bradley
Georgia Hurford
Zoe Emanuel

Age Guide


Performance Stream Classes Skills

  • Refine your talent
  • Learn the art of Stage Craft
  • Engage the audience with confidence
  • Heighten your skills
  • Performance Preparedness
  • Professionalism

Performance Stream Auditions

Each student must audition or receive an invite for the performance stream classes before joining. For more information, visit our Performance Stream Auditions page.

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