Musical Theatre Advanced Class – 12-14yrs

The Musical Theatre Advanced classes are split into two classes, singing and acting over 2 hours. They focus on developing students into the ‘complete performer’ through in-depth character work, vocal technique, and stylised stage choreography.

Students are taught to sing in harmony together as we explore Musical Theatre pieces specially selected to hold relevance to their age group, such as Dear Evan Hansen, La La Land and Legally Blonde. We take care to nurture and empower young voices through collaborative work and opportunities to expand their confidence and poise as solo singers.

Improvisation games are used to encourage students to explore their creativity, trust their instincts and cultivate a spontaneous ability to react to their surroundings on the stage. In collaboration with detailed and thoughtful character analysis, this creates a platform for the actor to make meaningful connections to scripts and real-world circumstances.

Artemis Alfonzetti
Diana Alvarado
Sabrina Kirkham

Age Guide


Musical Theatre Skills

  • Accent work (General American, British RP)
  • In-depth Character Analysis
  • Script Work
  • Dance and Movement Technique
  • Stage Presence
  • Singing Technique to expand range and power
  • Vocal Harmony

Musical Theatre Trial Classes

Each student must trial for our classes before joining. For all Musical Theatre Classes they will be assessed during their trial lesson on their ability to sing with good pitch and a willingness to contribute.

In drama they will need to show an open and energised ability to collaborate in the activities and scenes.

Children are not expected to be highly competent in both areas, however a committed interest in both is essential.

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