Creative Play Classes for Children 3-5yrs

Our Creative Play classes offer a unique blend of singing, dancing, and acting designed for children aged 3-5 years.

In these delightful sessions, your little ones will embark on an adventure into the realms of imagination, discovering the wonders of performing arts through playful exploration.

It’s the perfect introduction to the captivating world of the performing arts, tailored specifically for the boundless energy and creativity of young minds.

Led by our nurturing and experienced teachers, these classes provide a safe and encouraging environment for children to tap into their hidden (or not-so-hidden) talents.

Through imaginative play and interactive activities, we aim to unlock the potential within each child, fostering a love for self-expression and creativity from an early age.

Age Guide


Drama Classes Skills

  • Develop aural skills for singing songs
  • Sing songs that are fun and engaging
  • Use imaginative play to create characters and scenes
  • Boost confidence
  • Hone their speaking skills
  • Explore the movement of their bodies
Zoe Emanuel
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