Brightsparks Talent Agency – Become a Star!

Brightsparks Talent is a partner to the already established and respected Brightsparks Performing Arts School, representing children from preschoolers to teens.

Our goal is to become a leader in the children’s Talent industry, offering casting agents and advertisers only the best performers and artists in; Musical Theatre, Film, Television, Television Commercials and Modelling Work.

Join the Agency

To join our Talent Agency your child will first need to be interviewed and auditioned. If accepted, they will then need to attend ongoing classes to ensure a high level of performance and ongoing training that will help them further their professional careers.

We also offer ‘Audition, Screen and TV Masterclasses’ which teaches your child how to act successfully in front of camera within a professional environment. This is filmed in High Definition with the purpose of a mini showreel, further displaying your child’s talent to casting agents and advertisers. This is not a compulsory course, however we offer the courses each school holiday and is a wonderful tool to bring more professional work for your talented child.

Agency Costs:

  • 1 hour Photo Shoot with 12 of the best photos from the day: $220
  • Casting Website Fee: $110 

For more information about becoming a Brightsparks Talent Artist, contact Zoe either by email at or call 0423846757

All photos taken by Rowena Clarke:

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