Act Up for Teens Intensive (14-18yrs)

Central to education is the ability to challenge students in a way that stimulates and inspires them to reach further than they thought possible, this is what our Teen Acting classes set to achieve.

Students delve into classic works such as Shakespeare, Chekhov, Beckett and Tennessee Williams to explore the scenes of some of the most famous plays. They work deeply and actively, using well-honed drama techniques to uncover language and meaning.

Vocal production and connection to the poetry and language, as well as honing the art of performing monologues further enhances their skills and knowledge within Drama.

Studies have shown many strong indications to show that working with Shakespeare and other great playwrights within performance and rehearsal capacity has a wider impact on written work and examination results.

This class is a great opportunity for teens to explore depth of language and complex characters in a challenging and inspiring environment.

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Teen Acting Intensive Skills

  • Connecting Voice and Movement to an authentic emotion
  • Using Impulse and Spontaneity to further enhance your Performance
  • Interpretation of language
  • In-depth Character development
  • Monologue
  • Scene Work
Diana Alvarado
Zoe Emanuel
Drama Auditions
Shakespeare Classes for Teenagers - Brightsparks North Shore NSW

Drama Trial Classes

Each student must trial for our classes before joining.

In the drama trial class, they will need to show an open and energised ability to collaborate in the activities and scenes.

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