Act Up – Intermediate Drama Classes for 10-12yrs

Our drama classes aim to teach children the power of vocal clarity and production, body awareness, character development and improvisation skills. We trial new students for our classes before joining to make sure it is the right fit for them. It’s important that we put them into the class that best tailors for their needs.

Intermediate students are working to deepen their understanding of their role, what effects them and how to delve into their own imaginations to harness and express emotions.

Students are guided to make meaningful connections to bring the text to life and to use the rehearsal to find ways to express themselves in engaging and dynamic ways for performance.

Through acting, young people gain compassionate insight about themselves and about the world around them; gain poise and confidence; develop problem-solving skills; and engage with peers and mentors in a joyful, collaborative process.

Age Guide


Drama Classes Skills

  • Movement to create character
  • Vocal projection and annunciation
  • Improvisation techniques
  • Script Work
  • Stagecraft
Diana Alvarado
Zoe Emanuel

For Private Coaching in Drama, students are able to work on audition preparation, exams and eisteddfods. For more information please go to our Private Tuition Page.

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