Drama Classes for Teenagers

Act Up Advanced – 13-16yrs

These Drama Classes for teenagers provide a deeper understanding and implementation into the power of vocal clarity and production, body awareness, character development and improvisation skills.

High level instruction of vocal skills including vocal clarity, range and production.

Students create their own scenes in playbuilding exercises, using advanced improvisation skills as a foundation to prepare for the NSW Drama curriculum.

Students explore how we use our physical bodies to inhabit characters, moving towards flexibility and freedom in their bodies.

They learn and perform scripts and monologues as pieces for auditions, competitions and productions. These range from classical to contemporary works, offering students different aspects of theatrical language and settings as well as enhance their theatrical experience and knowledge.

Drama guides and supports problem-solving skills and encourages an increasing awareness of how to solve issues. It allows for a deeper experience in thinking, motivating students to question, respond, and show their response to a situation in the moment. During their teenage years, these are fundamental skills they can draw upon in their school lives and beyond.

Wednesday: 5 – 6pm

Cost: $40+gst p/lesson

Semester commitment
(Terms 1-2 or 2-3)

Zoe Emanuel

Saturday: 12.30 – 1.30pm

Cost: $40+gst p/lesson

Semester commitment
(Terms 1-2 or 2-3)

Gracie Friend

Age Guide


Drama Classes Skills

  • Movement: Individual and Group Movement Pieces
  • Improvisation:  Lvl 3 & 4
  • In-depth discovery of Character
  • Creating and writing their own Scene
  • Script Work
  • Honing your Performance
Act Up Drama Classes
Drama Classes for Teens

Drama Auditions

Each student must audition and/or trial for our classes before joining. For all Drama Classes they will be assessed during their trial lesson on their contribution and collaboration plus their willingness to show their own creative spirit. 

For Private Coaching in Drama, students must present a short monologue or poem off by heart in an audition setting.

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