Workshops for Kids


These short workshops are designed as a fun way to experience all the different aspects of drama, singing and dance in two or three day intensive courses. Choose 1 day or all 3, depending on your availability. Children can also opt for a half day where there is the option. Children will be taught in a fun and dynamic environment, with each day bringing new skills and games to allow for the many varieties of performance available. This exciting programme is a MUST on every child’s holiday list!


Sing and Act Workshop (5-12yrs)

Monday 8th – Wednesday 10th October 2018

Option of doing FULL or HALF days to suit your child’s needs.

Day 1: Learn the art of acting. Create characters, use props and costumes and get into groups to invent and perform scenes. Then in the afternoon learn to sing using vocal technique to really make your voice soar. Learn a song and choreographed moves and perform for your fellow students and teachers.

Day 2: Discover how to use physicality to create mime scenes with special techniques including slow motion acting. For those martial arts fans, you can create your own mini fight scene. Then into the singing in the afternoon with new songs and a fun mini performance.

Day 3: Work with scripts and poems to create a performance within groups. Develop the voice to project clearly on stage and enhance your expression for a truly fantastic performance. In singing, new songs will be given out to learn with new choreography and more skills to help even those who don’t think they can sing, to really soar.


Singing: 9am-12:00pm

Drama: 12:30-3:30pm

Location: St Keiran’s Parish, 2 King St, Manly Vale

*parking available on site

** early bird rate finishes 14th September 2018

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Act Up: (6-12yrs)

Thursday 11th & Friday 12th October

Day 1: For those students who love to act and want to expand their technique and performance skills. Learn to act through improvisation, creating characters and coming up with their own scripts and scenes. Understand stage craft, working within an ensemble and hone their skills through fun drama games and activities.

Day 2: Continue the scenes that were created on the previous day and further polish and develop the performance aspects to fully realise the potential of the work. Perform for each other at the end of the day to really show off new skills, using costumes.

Drama: 9:00am-3:30pm


St Kieran’s Parish, 2 King St, Manly Vale

*parking available on site

** early bird rate finishes on 14th September 2018

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Acting for Camera Masterclass: (8-14yrs)


Day 1: Delve into the world of film and television and learn about how to do a successful audition. Learn how to present to camera and develop an authentic and natural performance.

Day 2: Work with TV and film scripts as well as TV commercials to present to camera in pairs and small groups. The director will work to produce a more polished performance and then watch it back to gain further understanding of the craft of acting for camera. Working with a professional actor from the industry this course will be a great way to develop those acting skills.


Singing: 9:00am-3:30pm


$130 per day (GST not included)


St Kieran’s Parish, 2 King St, Manly Vale


*parking available on site

** early bird rate does not apply for this course

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